State Tax Ballot Measures to Watch on Election Day 2022

October 24, 2022 1:00 pm Published by Comments Off on State Tax Ballot Measures to Watch on Election Day 2022

On Election Day 2022, most eyes will be on Congress, with polls showing control of both chambers up for grabs. But the action is not limited to Washington, D.C.: across the country, voters will decide important questions through state and local ballot measures. At the state level, 25 measures in 12 states relate to tax policy. And while some of these deal with relatively minor policy details, eight stand out. We summarize each of these tax ballot measures below and link to more extensive discussions of several of them.

These measures include both income tax increases (in California, Colorado, and Massachusetts) and income tax reductions (also in Colorado). Voters in Arizona will consider adopting supermajority requirements for future ballot-initiated tax increases. Cannabis legalization and taxation continue to crop up in additional states. And in West Virginia, lawmakers are asking voters to grant them the authority to reform the state’s tangible personal property tax system.

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